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Carefully clean the coils they make long

When we are ready to move, it again becomes real estate. (Tighten/adjust hardware, lubricate with 3:1 oil or WD-40. (This includes vinyl and cloth chairs, outdoor tables, swings, etc. (Check for trapped debris, deodorize with -cup of baking soda: dump baking soda powder directly into disposer at night and allow it to stand.)

Landscaping maintenance. (Tighten/adjust hardware, lubricate with 3:1 oil or WD-40. Perhaps you will be the first family to live in the new house, perhaps not.)

Check HV/AC air filter. Vacuum or blow away dust on motor, etc. Lubricate the keyhole with powdered graphite use this very sparingly.)

*Spray for bugs.

We humans buy real estate and build a house. (Check water lines for leaks, remove debris, check outdoor light bulbs/wires, and adornments attached to structures. (Use appropriate pesticides and spray unit type. Clean as necessary. Carefully clean the coils they make long, soft brushes just for this. (Clean mold, fungus, and mildew out of the water catch tray. (Replace or clean as necessary this will keep the house cleaner and allow the unit to be more efficient.dotcomtucson. Use petroleum jelly as a lubricant NOT WD-40. This is a good time to ensure that windows which should be locked, are locked!)

Inspect the garage floor for petroleum products spills. (This includes oils and greases anything slippery or caustic. Using a computer is an exceptionally effective way to track your maintenance.)


Maintaining the basics of single family real estate is relatively simple, and can be handled extremely efficiently in an hour or so on a couple of weekends each month. Check for ice around Gasket Seal the rotating dump mechanism, and remove if it is building up.

It helps if you think of your house or home as real estate, at least in terms of its maintenance. This article proceeds from the position that it is easier, more efficient, more pleasant, safer, and even Gasket Seal more frugal to maintain your real estate on a consistent basis, rather than waiting until you place it up for sale with a real estate agent. It can be done in many kinds of software, including basic word processors.)
Inspect screens.)

Service hinges. Hint: a little baking soda in the bottom of the ice tray keeps the freezer fresh.)

*Inspect the ice maker.’ The correct term, and it is most often printed on them, is ‘garbage disposer. Either way, you will want to keep your home, old or new, well maintained. anon. A clogged air cleaner can really raise your air conditioning AND heating costs!)

Service outdoor materials. Simply wait until the system is used again and all the baking soda will disappear. realtor) to find a new house, or go out and look for one on your own. We move in, and create a home. Use a product such as Armor-All on vinyl surfaces top protect it from rotting in the UV. Sparingly use petroleum jelly to lubricate aluminum.a. Make sure the covers are secure and not cracked.)

Service garbage disposer..)

Semi-annual real estate maintenance tasks:

Service locksets and passage sets.)

Service door locks.)

Inspect window locks. (Wipe down and lubricate with 3:1 oil or WD-40.

Monthly real estate maintenance tasks:

*Check the water softener salt level. (Open the access panel and vacuum the accumulated lint out of all the areas you can. (Check and add as necessary.k. (This includes plugs and light switches..)

Service sliding doors. (Clean the tracks with a small brush and then vacuum. (If you’d like to read a comprehensive article on fixing up your real estate for sale, I suggest visiting: http://www. There are things to be done monthly, and things to be done semi-annually, and items to attend to annually. (Dump ice that forms into clumps in the bottom of the tray, if the ice accumulates much at your house. Remember, someday your home will become real estate, and the real estate agent you hire to sell it will give you a list of things you’ll need to ensure are in good shape to expedite the sale and get the highest possible asking price. Sometimes we are willing to let certain things lapse in our homes, but in matters of real estate that we have placed on the open market with a professional realtor, we take a different view.’)

Service the refrigerator. This will make the dryer work better, and help to prevent fires. NB These units are usually mistakenly referred to as ‘garbage disposals.

The chances are, someday you’re going to put your house up for sale on the local real estate market, and either start working with a professional real estate agent (a. (Service as necessary. Locking mechanisms can be lightly lubricated with WD-40. (Repair or replace as necessary. Put some kind of coating on metal that has become exposed such as a rust-preventing paint: clear paint will do if necessary.)

Inspect electrical covers

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